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Thanks to the open-source nature of Android OS, the overly passionate community-at-large is always working on their own versions of the OS, which is why Android is loved so much. However, flashing a custom ROM requires you to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery so, make sure to read our article about the same. It’s quite obvious that we’ve drifted away from the era when custom ROMs peaked for Android smartphones. Although, is it still worth running an Android custom ROM on your smartphone? Well, if you don’t care about apps that detect an unlocked bootloader or root access, here’s a list of the best custom ROMs in 2022. The project was started way back in 2013 when CyanogenMod was all hype, and it still continues to push new builds even today.

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They have plenty of features and optimizations that make 3D printing easier and better. One of the main things that all versions of the Tomato firmware excel at over other firmwares is user-friendliness. The graphical user interface is slightly more thoughtfully laid out than most stock firmware, or even custom firmware.

Moreover, Remix also brings enhanced performance, customization, and battery life compared to many custom ROM. Although Bliss ROM is new in the Android ecosystem, it still has huge potential.

From the moment you boot it, you’ll see many things unique to Havoc-OS. This ROM includes many mods, such as a modded status bar, a modded home screen, a modded keyboard, etc. Some mods come preinstalled, such as the ability to use gestures on the lock screen. Corvus OS is one of the few custom ROMs offering GPU overclocking support. This allows you to boost the clock speed of your graphics here card to ensure you can run games smoothly. Another feature you’ll find here is installing third-party apps quickly. This includes things like emulators, mods, and even custom launchers.

  • The Arrow OS project is one of the most lightweight and functional custom ROMs available out there.
  • It lets you fix bricked devices and resolve boot loop issues due to wrong or incompatible file flashing.
  • Development seems winded down on A11 leading me to ignore it (among other things such as the more generic boot-animation), and currently AOSiP can be considered dead as there is no updates at the moment.
  • There are around 190 LineageOS devices (Which have the support of LineageOS).

Think no further, choose an Android ROM that seems interesting, and test it for a couple of days before using it daily. Do Visit XDA Forums for knowing about your device’s compatibility, the process of flashing, and more.

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